Antipasti Crudi
Raw starters

Tartare and carpacci of the day, fish rolls,langoustine and red prawns, oyster

Red prawns carpaccio

Langoustine carpaccio

Tuna tartare

White fish tartare with avocado and lime

White fish carpaccio

Carpaccio Imperiale
100g 11 €

Tiny slices of a whole fish

Crudo di Scampi
100g 13 €

Raw langoustines

Raw red prawns

Antipasti Cotti
Cooked starters
Menù Degustazione Antipasti Cotti
5 courses 123 45 €

Starter tasting menù

Daily starter

Burratina with datterino tomatoes, olives and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea

roasted lobster served with vegetables lemon

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Primi Piatti
Pasta dishes

Gnocchi with red prawns, cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese

Trofie with sea bass and lemon

Paccheri di Gragnano with catch of the day

Spaghetti with wild clams

Tagliolini with fresh blue lobster of the Mediterranean Sea

Tagliolini with langustine and mint with crumble bread

Secondi Piatti
Main courses
Pescato del Giorno
100g 11 €

Catch of the day

Gamberi e Scampi
100g 13 €

Prawns and langoustines

Fresh Mediterranean blue lobster

Mixed fried fish

Morena’s razza

Mediterranean spiny lobster

Side dishes

Mixed salad

Roasted potatoes

8 €



8 €


Grilled vegetables

10 €

Almond shortcrust pastry, lemon crème patissière, raspberry sauce, exotic sauce, mix berries

10 €

Chantilly cream, red fruit sauce, violet liqueur

With peanuts mousse, salty penuts and caramel mousse served on the side

10 €

Mascarpone mousse, coffee, savoiardo biscuit and cocoa

12 €

Butter biscuit, philadelphia mousse, basil gel, raspberry sauce, mascarpone

Frozen fruits filled with gelato